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ide – In android studio, how to open multiple projects in one window?

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I am trying out google’s android studio. In eclipse, I can open multiple projects under one window. Is that a way to do this in android studio?

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That is not true. A project in IDEA is not like a workspace.
Think about this: you set the minSDK, target and maxSDK to the project, it has some configuration for the project. But the workspace dont have any configuration.

The project is just a project, but can have multiple packages like in eclipse. That’s all.


Yes you can open Multiple Projects in a single Environment

Go to your project Settings.gradle File


`include ':projectName'`

project(':projectName').projectDir = new File(rootDir, '../projectPath')

Sync gradle file


It isn’t possible, android studio is based on intelij and intelij open one and only one project or multi-module project.



According to the Eclipse to Intellij FAQ:
– Projects in intellij = workspaces in eclipse.
– Modules in intellij = projects in eclipse.

There seems to be somethings wrong with the new module wizards in Android Studio; at least I find them creating different types of projects, depending on what options I use (export/import creates different projects than if you build them from scratch). Migrating multiple projects to this currently looks as if it is going to be a serious pain.