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ide sublime2 how to find method definition

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I’m using Sublime 2 for Ruby On Rails programming.
I need a ability to click a method name and jump to class where the method is defined. There are many IDE with similar capability…


Goto symbol is CtrlR (linux), this gives a pop-up-list of all symbol and class definitions in the file, in definition order, and you can jump to what you’re after. You could do the same thing with Goto Anything, CtrlP and then typing @ and the method name.

Also, there is a Goto Symbol plugin, which lets you jump straight to the definition of the method name your cursor is at, with a key binding or click.

However, both those methods are limited to the current file. If you need to jump to definitions in other files, probably the best solution is the SublimeCodeIntel plugin. It seems to be working pretty well and just by hitting Ctrlf3 (linux) will open up the file at the definition you want.


Another solution is CTags.

SublimeCodeIntel seems to be pretty buggy judging from unresolved issues on the Github tracker. Also it crashes for me, probably because the code base I’m working on is too big…

What I’m using now is the CTags package. There’s no “intelligence” but it allows you to jump to definitions and back very easily and it is super fast.


upgrade to sublime text 3 and then put cursor on function name and click F12
to go back ALT+-
or from the menu click on Goto