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in app – Android in-app multiple purchases

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Is there a way to do more than 1 item using in-app purchase?
For example – can I buy 2 of the same item?

How to&Answers:

No, not at this time. You can buy multiple unmanaged items, but they’ll need to be separate purchases.

As a workaround, I’ve seen people create separate SKUs for different item quantities. For example:

  • potion_1 = 1 potion ($1)
  • potion_2 = 2 potions ($2)
  • potion_3 = 3 potions ($3)
  • and so on…

Alternatively, you can allow users to buy in-app credits specific to your app (again, you’ll need to create different SKUs representing different credit values), then write your own storefront for exchanging these credits for goods. It’s a bit more work, but this gives you a lot more control and flexibility over the checkout flow.


Creation multiple Products is not correct answer. Because if you planing sell in-game money or “health potions”. These things can be purchased an infinite number of times.
See the answer about managed/unmanaged products to correct processing this situation.


It’s possible


Basically you must cunsume the item to notify Google about this possibility.

if (purchase.getSku().equals(SKU_GAS)) {
                // bought 1/4 tank of gas. So consume it.
                Log.d(TAG, "Purchase is gas. Starting gas consumption.");
                try {
                    mHelper.consumeAsync(purchase, mConsumeFinishedListener);
                } catch (IabAsyncInProgressException e) {
                    complain("Error consuming gas. Another async operation in progress.");

See the documentation about Consume a purchase