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in app purchase – Android: In app billing, using library or not?

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I have just created the Android in-app billing example from the docs, and its all working well. When it comes to implementing the examples code into my own application it all seems very complicated / scary. I’m unsure whether to go ahead with it without fully understanding how it works. Has anyone used this library? Android in-app billing library

How reliable and stable is that code? Anyone encountered any problems?

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Yes, this library is being used and yes, you are right about it being scary. Look at this SO answer to see how others are tackling this challenge.

Also, there is another, simpler, tutorial example code. Take a look at this tutorial.

Good luck!


I wrote the library.

Has anyone used this library?

Yes, many people do. That is a good thing because it reduces the likelihood of major bugs. And a bad thing because it makes your app more vulnerable to bypass billing.

How reliable and stable is that code?

Check it out yourself. If you don’t understand the code, you shouldn’t be using it anyway.

In any case, using the library as a starting point should be better than starting from scratch.

Anyone encountered any problems?

Check out the issues.


If you don’t know what that library you linked to is doing, it’s a simple matter of going through the source code and figuring it out (it’s all available on Github!). Now if you don’t want to figure out what exactly it’s doing, then frankly speaking you should not be implementing it in your app.

Stick with the examples from Google and you should be fine.

Also, polling for opinions on that library is a no-no on Stack Overflow 🙂

Another thing I should point out. From the README file in the library you linked to:


This library is a very early release and it should not be used as
production code.