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In PHP, how can I add an object element to an array?

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I’m using PHP. I have an array of objects, and would like to add an object to the end of it.

$myArray[] = null; //adds an element
$myArray[count($myArray) - 1]->name = "my name"; //modifies the element I just added

The above is functional, but is there a cleaner and more-readable way to write that? Maybe one line?

How to&Answers:

Just do:

$object = new stdClass();
$object->name = "My name";
$myArray[] = $object;

You need to create the object first (the new line) and then push it onto the end of the array (the [] line).

You can also do this:

$myArray[] = (object) ['name' => 'My name'];

However I would argue that’s not as readable, even if it is more succinct.


Do you really need an object? What about:

$myArray[] = array("name" => "my name");

Just use a two-dimensional array.

Output (var_dump):

array(1) {
  array(1) {
    string(7) "my name"

You could access your last entry like this:

echo $myArray[count($myArray) - 1]["name"];


Here is another clean method I’ve discovered if you have multiple records within a foreach:

$foo = [];

array_push($foo, (object)[
        'key1' => 'fooValue'
        'key2' => 'fooValue2'
        'key3' => 'fooValue3'

return $foo;


Something like:

class TestClass {
private $var1;
private $var2;

private function TestClass($var1, $var2){
    $this->var1 = $var1;
    $this->var2 = $var2;

public static function create($var1, $var2){
    if (is_numeric($var1)){
        return new TestClass($var1, $var2);
    else return NULL;

$myArray = array();
$myArray[] = TestClass::create(15, "asdf");
$myArray[] = TestClass::create(20, "asdfa");
$myArray[] = TestClass::create("a", "abcd");


$myArray = array_filter($myArray, function($e){ return !is_null($e);});


I think that there are situations where this constructions are preferable to arrays. You can move all the checking logic to the class.

Here, before the call to array_filter $myArray has 3 elements. Two correct objects and a NULL. After the call, only the 2 correct elements persist.