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index match, excel ran out of resources

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I have tried several things to get rid of this error, I have no circular references, I deleted all names in name manager and I have tried to disable multi threading.

Anyone have any solutions for getting around Excel ran out of resources while attempting to calculate one or more formulas. As a result, these formulas cannot be evaluated. ?

Here is my formula where I’m getting the issue, although i’m not sure if it is specific to this one formula that is causing this issue.

=IFERROR(INDEX('Total'!B2:K36, MATCH(1,INDEX(('Control Manager'!$C$2= 'Total'!A:A) * (A32 = 'Total'!1:1),),0)),"-")

How to&Answers:

i had similar issue, was resolved by changing the worksheet name. earlier the worksheet had a hyphen (-) in its name, when renamed with an underscore (_), didnt get any more such errors.
However, i ve not checked by renaming the sheet again with an hyphen.