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indexing – Excel formula to look up a value using Row and Column values in a table

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This is a two part question. I want to lookup a price of an item based upon the effective date of the price. I’ve seen the vertical effective date examples but mine is somewhat different. I have the Items in the first column (A). The remaining columns contain a header with the effective date of the price. Hopefully I’m able to attach the format example. The reason I have the table formatted this way is that I don’t want to duplicate the items when a new price is entered. So, I want to provide the formula an ITEM and then select the current price base upon the effective date. Right now the table has 2 effective date columns. So,The second question is how can I format the table so when I add a NEW price with a new effective date (an additional column) without having to change the look-up formula? Can the formula be formatted to be dynamic?

Thanks in advance for your input.

Table Example

How to&Answers:

As per my comment:

enter image description here

The formula in B11:


As you notice I have populated A1 to get this working correctly.


You can use:


If the date is always equal to or less than today I would use:


Where the item can be replaced with a cell reference that contains the item to be looked up.


Please refers to JvdV’s table, another shorter formula option

In B11, enter formula :



Thank you everyone for your input. It was invaluable for working a solution to my problem.