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IntelliJ IDEA "cannot resolve symbol" and "cannot resolve method"-Exceptionshub

Posted by: admin February 25, 2020 Leave a comment


What are common causes for IntelliJ IDEA not being able to resolve built-in JVM types and methods? For example, when I mouse over String the tooltip says “Cannot resolve symbol ‘String'”. It’s as if IntelliJ has doesn’t know where the JVM is.

By the way, I am running OS X 10.6.6. Everything was working fine until I ran the system update this morning.

How to&Answers:

Most likely JDK configuration is not valid, try to remove and add the JDK again as I’ve described in the related question here.


First check if you have configured JDK correctly:

  • Go to File->Project Structure -> SDKs
  • your JDK home path should be something like this:
  • Hit Apply and then OK

Secondly check if you have provided in path in Library’s section

  • Go to File->Project Structure -> Libraries
  • Hit the + button
  • Add the path to your src folder
  • Hit Apply and then OK

This should fix the problem


For me, IntelliJ could autocomplete packages, but never seemed to admit there were actual classes at any level of the hierarchy. Neither re-choosing the SDK nor re-creating the project seemed to fix it.

What did fix it was to delete the per-user IDEA directory ( in my case ~/.IntelliJIdea2017.1/) which meant losing all my other customizations… But at least it made the issue go away.