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iphone – Is anyone using Sencha Touch for mobile development?

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We’re evaluating Sencha Touch for mobile development. Has anyone used this yet (I realize that it’s still in beta), and if so, what are its strengths / weaknesses? How does it compare to alternatives?

It certainly sounds compelling.


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I’m playing with Sencha Touch, I have a project up at GitHub. If you’re comfortable with ExtJS it will be familiar. The examples are impressive (requires WebKit browser). You might be interested in this question as well.


I’ve used it only briefly. It looks very good and has a nice array of tools to make pseudo-native apps. One of the larger concerns is the licensing (the inclusion of ExtJS and the requirement to purchase a license to use the software). Now ExtJS and Sencha have merged – so I am unsure of what the impact will be. Also, as for alternatives, Sencha has merged in JQTouch (a primary alternative). See this post for more information


I think currently it is only optimized for safari-browser. I tried in on Android Phone (HTC Magic, Android 1.6) and the examples didn’t work.

but it is a beta of course….


Currently ,i’m using sencha-touch in my project and pretty easy to use and understand especially with the documentation that comes along with it . As compared other mobile fameworks whose documentation is limited