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Is there a Raml 1.0 (not 0.8) HTML generator?

Posted by: admin November 30, 2017 Leave a comment


Somebody knows if is there a version of raml2html to Raml 1.0? I found only tools for Raml 0.8, like raml2html or raml2md, but doesn’t working for Raml 1.0.


The owner of raml2html and raml2md has left and the two repos are not in maintainance now.

raml2html and raml2md depend on raml2obj, and raml2obj depends on raml-parser, which only supports 0.8 right now. The new raml parser is raml-js-parser-2, however it’s still at a beta state


You’re probably already aware by now, but yes raml2html and raml2md 4.x work with RAML 1.0 files.


raml2html 1.0 is, I guess, still in experimental phase.
There is a trick for raml2html to work with RAML 1.0 files by disabling the validation on the RAML parser.

We need to change the raml.loadFile(source) call in raml2obj to raml.loadFile(source, {validate: false})
ref: https://github.com/raml2html/raml2html/issues/156

This link ay help you more: http://forums.raml.org/t/recommended-tool-for-raml-1-0-to-html/1251/8

May be an alternative of raml2html tool here:
It is generating RESTful API documentations written in RAML and supports 1.0