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Itunes Connect – Cannot reject binary

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With the new Itunes Connect web UI (Oct 15), I can no longer find a way to reject the binary once the status has changed to waiting for review.

I checked the Apple docs and it seems to be out-of-date, as they refer to the remove this version from review link, which is no longer there.

All the similar threads on this forum date more than one year ago and refer to the old UI.

Has anyone managed to find it?




It seems like a bug of itunesconnect in new UI.
I have tried these solutions:

  1. logout and login.

  2. clear safari history.

  3. upload a new version binary.

But none helps me.

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Yesterday I submitted the bug on Bug Reporter.

enter image description here

Today the reject button came back! As @Jackson suspected, they did not respond, but they did something. I suspect they just temporarily do something for the one who submit bug, but have not fixed the issue. So, you should have a try if you don’t want to wait. Submit a bug to them on Bug Reporter!

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Yes the link is there. You can find that link by the following steps.

  1. Log In to iTunes connect
  2. Go to My Apps section
  3. Choose your app from there
  4. Make sure you are in AppStore section in that page
  5. In the left hand side, find the iOS App section and choose the waiting for review item
  6. Now you will see the remove this version from review on top of that page as a banner
  7. Click on that link

Step 2

Step 4, 5, 6

Apple introduced more roles in the iTunes Connect. I think you are getting issues because of that. Check your role in iTunes connect.


Date : 30 June 2016 , Today

Link to reject binary disappears from the app iTunesConnect Website.

Workaround :

Download iTunes Connect application in iphone and reject the binary from their.


EDIT: I just checked and the “remove this version from review” banner has magically reappeared at the top of the screen in iTunes connect. I guess it was just a temporary issue which Apple did not acknowledge, and it took several days for them to fix it. I hope the problem is solved for you too!

Originally I had the same problem. There should have been some text at the top of the iTunes connect page for the current version waiting for review that says “remove this version from review” as a sort of banner but I didn’t see for about 24 hours.
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I didn’t have the banner as well, but as soon as I selected the old version from the left tab and the “Waiting for Review” version again, the banner reappeared.