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java – Android Split string

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I have a string called CurrentString and is in the form of something like this
"Fruit: they taste good".
I would like to split up the CurrentString using the : as the delimiter.
So that way the word "Fruit" will be split into its own string and "they taste good" will be another string.
And then i would simply like to use SetText() of 2 different TextViews to display that string.

What would be the best way to approach this?

How to&Answers:
String currentString = "Fruit: they taste good";
String[] separated = currentString.split(":");
separated[0]; // this will contain "Fruit"
separated[1]; // this will contain " they taste good"

You may want to remove the space to the second String:

separated[1] = separated[1].trim();

If you want to split the string with a special character like dot(.) you should use escape character \ before the dot


String currentString = "Fruit: they taste good.very nice actually";
String[] separated = currentString.split("\.");
separated[0]; // this will contain "Fruit: they taste good"
separated[1]; // this will contain "very nice actually"

There are other ways to do it. For instance, you can use the StringTokenizer class (from java.util):

StringTokenizer tokens = new StringTokenizer(currentString, ":");
String first = tokens.nextToken();// this will contain "Fruit"
String second = tokens.nextToken();// this will contain " they taste good"
// in the case above I assumed the string has always that syntax (foo: bar)
// but you may want to check if there are tokens or not using the hasMoreTokens method


.split method will work, but it uses regular expressions. In this example it would be (to steal from Cristian):

String[] separated = CurrentString.split("\:");
separated[0]; // this will contain "Fruit"
separated[1]; // this will contain " they taste good"

Also, this came from:
Android split not working correctly


android split string by comma

String data = "1,Diego Maradona,Footballer,Argentina";
String[] items = data.split(",");
for (String item : items)
    System.out.println("item = " + item);


     String s = "having Community Portal|Help Desk|Local Embassy|Reference Desk|Site News";
     StringTokenizer st = new StringTokenizer(s, "|");
        String community = st.nextToken();
        String helpDesk = st.nextToken(); 
        String localEmbassy = st.nextToken();
        String referenceDesk = st.nextToken();
        String siteNews = st.nextToken();


You might also want to consider the Android specific TextUtils.split() method.

The difference between TextUtils.split() and String.split() is documented with TextUtils.split():

String.split() returns [”] when the string to be split is empty. This returns []. This does not remove any empty strings from the result.

I find this a more natural behavior. In essence TextUtils.split() is just a thin wrapper for String.split(), dealing specifically with the empty-string case. The code for the method is actually quite simple.