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java – android – ViewCompat setBackgroundTintList not working in API 21

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I have a AppCompatEditText with the property backgroundTint setted to an specific color.
I’ve created a method to change the background tint programmatically and its working in all Android versions since API 17 (4.2 Jelly Bean) to API 25 (7.1.1 Nougat), except API 21 (5.0 Lollipop).

I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Here’s my code:

    public void changeViewBackgroundColor(Context context, View view, int color) {
      int theColor = ContextCompat.getColor(context, color);

      if (view instanceof TintableBackgroundView) {
        ColorStateList colorStateList = ColorStateList.valueOf(theColor);
        ViewCompat.setBackgroundTintList(view, colorStateList);
      } else {

How to&Answers:

Unfortunately, in API 21 was introduced a change that broke setBackgroundTintList when use from ViewCompat or the view itself (later fixed in API 22).

In its place you should use setSupportBackgroundTintList which you can find as a member of AppCompat* views (like AppCompatEditText)

AppCompatEditText editText = findViewById(R.id.your_view);

If you want to set it in XML, just use app:setBackgroundTintList from the support library, instead of android:setBackgroundTintList