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java – Can we update the APK on Google Play Store with out changing the APP Version

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Can anyone let me know, Can I replace the APK uploaded to Google Play Store, with out changing the App version.

Basically I have uploaded the app with version 1.0 yesterday, and today I want to reupload the APK with some important fix, and do not want to change the version.

How to&Answers:

You cannot update an existing app w/o changing its version code. Each time you update your app, you should increment its version code by 1. The version code is not externally visible to the user, and is used only as a means of versioning your application.

You can update an existing app w/o changing its version name. The version name is what the user will see on Google Play (i.e. version 1.10, 2.08, etc.), and has nothing to do with the actual version number of your application (it can be anything you want).


No, you can’t upload same version apk in Android market.


There are two type of app version versionCode and versionName. For updating the apk in play store versionCode should be incremented by one from the previous value and versionName is not mandatory to change. It is up to you but keep in mind only the external user can see versionName so if you are updating the apk it is recommendated to change the versionName.


You can do this with a trick.

My Google play speaks italian so try to understand…Click on go back to old site design, then go inside your app details and click ok File APK tab on top.

Now in File APK page old version, click on go to advanced version, and click on deactivate.

IMPORTANT: do not click on delete after clicking deactivate or your app will be permanently deleted and you will compile again the store details (description, images, icon, etc).

Now go back to new style site and you will not find any apk uploaded and you can provide a new version without increase version number.

My apk wasn’t released when i did this trick.


FWIW, I was able to upload an APK file to Googe Play without increasing the version number.

1) I uploaded version 100 (1.0.0) a couple of days ago.

2) I generated a new APK with version 100 (1.0.0), and it uploaded without any problems.

Please note, however, in my case, the app is in Draft state. It has not been published yet. Once published, I wouldn’t replace it with a build that has the very same version number (and besides, it probably won’t be accepted by Google Play then.)

As a side note, I tried uploading version 10 (1.0), and Google Play would not accept it stating I need to increase the version number.