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java – Exporting grid in excel in Vaadin 14

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I created the grid in vaadin. Now I need to export that grid in excel. I am using Vaadin Exporter but I am not able to export the grid using exporter.

Grid<Transaction> grid = new Grid<>(Transaction.class);
Button exportInExcel = new Button("Export in excel", event -> exportInExcel());

private void exportInExcel() {
    new Anchor(new StreamResource("my-excel.xlsx", Exporter.exportAsExcel(grid)), "Download As Excel");

How can I export the grid in excel in vaadin 14

How to&Answers:

That work for me:

@Route(value = "erwachsenentraining", layout = MainLayout.class)
public class ErwachsenenTraining extends VerticalLayout {

    private ErwachseneRepository erwachseneRepository;
    Grid<Erwachsene> grid;

    public ErwachsenenTraining(ErwachseneRepository erwachseneRepository) {
        this.erwachseneRepository = erwachseneRepository;

        grid = new Grid();
        ListDataProvider<Erwachsene> dataProvider = DataProvider.ofCollection(erwachseneRepository.findAll());
        grid.addColumn(u -> u.getFirstName() + " " + u.getLastName()).setKey("firstName").setHeader("Name").setWidth("200px").setFlexGrow(5);

        add(new Anchor(new StreamResource("Erwachsenen_Training.xlsx", Exporter.exportAsExcel(grid)), "Download als Excel"));

// Print
// JavaScript.getCurrent().execute("print();");