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java – Firebase UI authentication with google fails with message (code:10 message:10)-Exceptionshub

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I’ve made a chat app that uses Firebase’s feature Real-time database.
I face a problem with google authentication. The problem started when I downloaded the app from the Play Store, the authentication was working perfectly when I was running the app in debug mode. When users try to sign in they get a toast message code:10 message:10.

I would like to note here that: I’ve added the SHA1 fingerprint. How can I solve this?

*Not sure if this is helpful but I’ve followed step by step this tutorial

How to&Answers:

You need three keys in order to make it work:

  1. The debug key. Informations here.

  2. The release key. Informations here.

  3. Google Play App signing key. Informations here.

All these keys are needed in order to make the sign-in process work.

Other informations here.


After generating SHA1 for release key, I forgot downloading the new google-service.json file that caused the same error.

Make sure you follow the instruction https://developers.google.com/android/guides/client-auth to generate and add debug/release SHA1 to firebase console and download google-service.json after updated.

If you use Use app signing by Google Play option, you need an additional step:

After uploading app into google play console, go to Release management > App signing, copy SHA1 and paste to firebase console
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Make sure you have added signed SHA1. If you are using debug one then it will not gonna work for live apk.

You need to put “debug.keystore” in this path C:\Users\USER_FOLDER_NAME.android

then in Android studio follow the below steps
1. Run your project
2. Click on Gradle menu
3. Expand Gradle Tasks tree
4. Double click on android -> signingReport

You can see SHA in Run Tab

for more information see link