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java – Get GPS Coordinates : Android

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I’m new to Android development. As a class assignment another student and myself are making an android app that will utilize GPS coordinates.

Is there anywhere that would be a good place for me to start with GPS feature on Android, or that has a good example of how to use GPS? I don’t want anything deep, literally just how to retrieve and use current GPS coordinates. I’d like to start simple and build up from there.

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Well mostly GPS coordinates are used along with Google Maps. So, as a starter what you can do is just get your own coordinates and put a marker on your location on the map.
This article and this one describes everything about using google maps with android.

Hope this helps.


As mentioned in one of the other answers, Vogella’s article here is very good for learning the basics of using GPS on Android.

The Android Dev guides are also particularly good for this area – obviously there are issues with battery drain associated with using location listeners. More in-depth information on what you can do to combat those issues are here, as when you get to grips with how to use GPS, you’ll want to use it efficiently!




this will be a good start. it explains how to get GPS coordinates as text format. Without dealing with google maps or anything complex.