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java – How to convert a color integer to a hex String in Android?

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I have an integer that was generated from an android.graphics.Color

The Integer has a value of -16776961

How do I convert this value into a hex string with the format #RRGGBB

Simply put: I would like to output #0000FF from -16776961

Note: I do not want the output to contain an alpha and i have also tried this example without any success

How to&Answers:

The mask makes sure you only get RRGGBB, and the %06X gives you zero-padded hex (always 6 chars long):

String hexColor = String.format("#%06X", (0xFFFFFF & intColor));


Try Integer.toHexString()

In Java, how do I convert a byte array to a string of hex digits while keeping leading zeros?


I believe i have found the answer, This code converts the integer to a hex string an removes the alpha.

Integer intColor = -16895234;
String hexColor = "#" + Integer.toHexString(intColor).substring(2);

Note only use this code if you are sure that removing the alpha would not affect anything.


Here is what i did

 int color=//your color
 Integer.toHexString(color).toUpperCase();//upercase with alpha
 Integer.toHexString(color).toUpperCase().substring(2);// uppercase without alpha

Thanks guys you answers did the thing


Integer value of ARGB color to hexadecimal string:

String hex = Integer.toHexString(color); // example for green color FF00FF00

Hexadecimal string to integer value of ARGB color:

int color = (Integer.parseInt( hex.substring( 0,2 ), 16) << 24) + Integer.parseInt( hex.substring( 2 ), 16);


With this method Integer.toHexString, you can have an Unknown color exception for some colors when using Color.parseColor.

And with this method String.format(“#%06X”, (0xFFFFFF & intColor)), you’ll lose alpha value.

So I recommend this method:

public static String ColorToHex(int color) {
        int alpha = android.graphics.Color.alpha(color);
        int blue = android.graphics.Color.blue(color);
        int green = android.graphics.Color.green(color);
        int red = android.graphics.Color.red(color);

        String alphaHex = To00Hex(alpha);
        String blueHex = To00Hex(blue);
        String greenHex = To00Hex(green);
        String redHex = To00Hex(red);

        // hexBinary value: aabbggrr
        StringBuilder str = new StringBuilder("#");
        str.append(redHex );

        return str.toString();

    private static String To00Hex(int value) {
        String hex = "00".concat(Integer.toHexString(value));
        return hex.substring(hex.length()-2, hex.length());


String int2string = Integer.toHexString(INTEGERColor); //to ARGB
String HtmlColor = "#"+ int2string.substring(int2string.length() - 6, int2string.length()); // a stupid way to append your color