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java – How to enable Inspection, after being Disabled in Android Studio?

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In my manifest my application word was having Yellow Background, when I do Alt+Enter it gives me above options, I clicked Disable inspection just to check it, but when I do Alt+enter, but again after doing alt+enter I didn’t get any option for getting it enabled?

After clicking Disable Inspection, I am not getting any option for Enable Inspection, Is there any way to get Enabled again?

How to&Answers:

You can find and disable/enable all inspections here.

Settings lint isnpections

For your situation, you have to find and make selected this two:

Google app indexing
Allow backup


If your project is under version control, you might notice that .idea/inspectionProfiles/Project_Default.xml and .idea/inspectionProfiles/profiles_settings.xml were either added or changed. You could just reset or remove those files (Making sure to only reset the parts you want to re-enable.)


If you want to restore all inspections to default, you can go to:
File > Settings > Inspections >
Click on Advanced Settings
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and Reset to Default Settings


I found this on google, why dont you try this out:



Go to File -> Setting -> Editor -> Inspection and mark which inspection that you want to enable.


If you haven’t closed IntelliJ yet,
Menu FileSettings Repository...Overwrite Local will restore a backup of your settings, including the just disabled inspection.

This is effectively an ‘undo’ but you need to have prepared a settings repository in advance for it to work. If you haven’t done this yet, you’re on your own, and I suggest you make one now for future accidents (and as a bonus, for sharing settings among multiple computers).