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java – How to stay up to date as a android developer-Exceptionshub

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Sorry if this question is not for this site, but I thought anyway I should ask.. I am an android developer who has worked more than 7 years in the industry. Right now I’m at a point where my knowledge is outdated and Im looking for a way to get myself back on track. Can anyone share their way on keeping up to date with all the stuff that is happening in android world?

How to&Answers:

You have several options:

  1. Answer other people’s questions on stack overflow. Most of the time they are questions you will never ask yourself.
  2. Try out the new android apis, and look for quirks… Android compatibility issues are a … (no good word for it)
  3. Look through google play at apps you did not develop, and try to figure out how they work (code wise)
  4. Try writing automated tests for apps you did not write, to see how that works.


In addition to @NikosHidalgo comment, all I want to add is,

Just surround yourself with Android.
Not just in working hours but even out of it.

  1. Subscribe to Android NewsLetters(Android Weekly).

  2. Subscribe to Medium Android Community.

  3. Subscribe to Android youtube channels( So that, as soon as you open Youtube you see Android feeds).

  4. Follow Android Development pages on Instagram, Facebook, so that you are aware of what’s new in Android, even in your free time.

  5. Attend Android Meetups, great for building a network and learning
    new stuff.

Just make your whole environment include Android in it.