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java – I'm stuck installing Crashlytics for Android using Eclipse

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I registered for Crashlytics, got their invitation and set up my account. Then I installed Crashlytics as described for Eclipse and restarted. Now I’m staring at the page https://www.crashlytics.com/onboard/pending showing “Add Crashlytics to your project”.

What am I supposed to do? I have an open project in Eclipse. How do I add Crashlytics to it now to get to step 2 “Launch your app”.

Of course I can launch my app just like this, but where is the connection to Crashlytics. It seems Crashlytics is waiting for some response from the installed Eclipse plugin.

How to&Answers:

enter image description hereTo Add Crashlytics to your App… follow these steps :

  • Install Crashlytics for Android by opening Eclipse and going to "Help", then "Install New Software".
  • In the download URL, type in “http://download.crashlytics.com/android/eclipse“.
  • Check the box next to Crashlytics software and press “Next”. You’ll be asked to restart Eclipse and the plugin will be installed!

    Once the Plugin is installed..all your application will be listed in it and then select the one in which you want to add.

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Actually, the problem seems to have been in the Eclipse Development Bundle for Android by Google. After changing to ordinary Eclipse + the separate Android SDK, everything worked fine.


Follow these steps here, if you’re stuck on adding Crashlytics to Eclipse.

(you’re supposed to add the codes to your app to hook up Crashlytics)

Summary: To add Crashlytics to your app, follow the instructions within their widget (plugin).

This should show items such as

  • Add code to the Manifest.xml
  • Add code to your initial/startup Activity to initialize the Crashlytics system.