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java – NoClassDefFoundError: javax/xml/stream/XMLStreamException

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I am getting the following exception while trying to write an .xlsx file using Apache POI

NoClassDefFoundError: javax/xml/stream/XMLStreamException

Here’s the Code Snippet:-

XSSFWorkbook wb = new XSSFWorkbook();
        Sheet sheet = wb.createSheet();
        Row row = sheet.createRow(0);
        Cell cell = row.createCell(0);
        FileOutputStream fileOut = new FileOutputStream("D:\workspace\April\Excel Test\workbook.xlsx");

I have the following jars included

  • dom4j-1.6.1
  • poi-ooxml-3.5-FINAL
  • poi-3.6-20091214
  • xmlbeans-2.3.0
  • ooxml-schemas-1.0

Please let me know what i am doing wrong here or i am missing something.

How to&Answers:

You’re missing the stax API jar

If you look at the POI Components page you’ll see that the ooxml-schemas jar depends on a STAX API jar (most typically provided by stax-api-1.0.1.jar)

Look in your POI binary download, and in the ooxml-lib directory you’ll see the jar you need. Alternately, if you use Maven, it’ll download the dependency for you