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java – Parse complicated user input using Stream-Exceptionshub

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I am trying to figure out a way to parse the user input. There are commands that are one word, two words and three words long. Somehow I have to check now whether the user has entered an existing command and then pass on the arguments (all words after the command) – getArguments() does that for me.

How can I use Stream or anything else to find the entered command?

    String input = Terminal.readLine();
    final List<Command> commands = parser.initialiseCommands(register);
    final List<String> inputSplit = Arrays.asList(input.split(" "));
    final Command command = commands.stream()
          .filter(cmd -> cmd.getName().equals(???)
          .orElseThrow(() -> new InvalidInputException("no such command");
    final List<String> arguments = parser.getArguments(inputSplit, command);

initialiseCommands() holds all registered Commands. Every command has the getName() method which returns a String of the command name (e. g. for the add track command it’s “add track”).

Here are some commands of different length:

 - "add track <point> -> <point>" - length 2
 - "quit" - length 1
 - "delete rolling stock <id>" - length 3
 - "step <speed>" - length 1

Can someone please show me a way of how to do this? If any information is missing, please tell me. I’ve been trying to figure this out for hours.

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