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java – Parsing Data for android-L failed

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i have update my sdk for L Developer preview. and i am not able to load my layout for API 20

my JDK compilence and .class file compatibility is 1.7.

here is snap


enter image description here


enter image description here

so may i have to change any compile level?

How to&Answers:

Please, note this Android icon in the upper side of the screen

Android icon

This icon is in the upper side of this screen:

Screen which displays the API version to render the code

Probably it’s displaying the number 20. This is the selection to use the API 20 to render the window. Change it to 19, or 20W (not 20L). It’ll fix the problem.

API 19 selected


I was also facing the same problem on my Mac OSX and resolved by downloading and installing jdk 1.8 from here. Hopefully your problem will be solved