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java – Strange Error in Eclipse Indigo

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Has anyone ever seen this kinf of error in Eclipse Indigo?

An internal error occurred during: "Label Job".
Illegal class name "com/sun+jdi/DoubleType" in class file com/sun/jdi/DoubleType

enter image description here

Version: Indigo Service Release 1

Build id: 20110916-0149

I’ve added a new Schreenshot.
Labebl Job is shown when i click on next step (F6, F8..)
JDI thread evaluation is shown when i drag the mouse on a variable for have informations.

enter image description here

I’ve never seen this strange error.

How to&Answers:

Since someone asked me to set an answer in order to mark this question as solved even if someone will probably still have this problem unsolved, but as you can see nobody solved it in different ways (since for the majority there are at least two solutions for problems), so i would mark this answer as best answer:

[My Solution] Delete your Eclipse “installation” and reinstall it to be clean from every errors. Re-install it until the problem is gone (and so there are no installation errors)

If someone is opposed to this answer as best answer, please write it down a real best answer, or make yourself agree with @Drumnbass (that “suggested” me to write the answer) to understand what is right and what is wrong.