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java – Unity: Resolving Android Dependencies freeze. Cannot import any plug-in

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I have a huge issue. For some reason, I am unable to import almost any plug-in into my Unity project. Whenever the import finishes, I get the Resolving Android Dependencies screen, which never actually resolves the issue. I recently got this issue when I imported the Unity Mediation Plug-in and now I reinstalled my Android Studio, Java and Unity, which resulted in the same error but now even for plug-ins, which worked before. I have no idea what to do. After the reinstall, I had to downgrade my SDK tools to 25.0.5 or I couldn’t build the project due to JAVA_HOME error in the Unity Editor. Everything else is up-to-date.

Any help is appreciated.
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Well…the problem was that my project folder had spaces in it. If it was
Test App, it should have been TestApp. When I created my project in Unity (Its my first project) I neglected the name of the Project is used as the folder name too. I understood how the whole engine works inside out in hopeless attempts to fix it, but never did I suspect it was so simple.


Not sure if this will help or cause more issues — as I will find out soon I guess, but if you already have Play Services package installed along with the Play Services Resolver that comes with it…when importing the AdMobs package make sure that you uncheck the Play Services Resolver before import since it is already installed. You can manage/update the Play Services Resolver from the Assets menu if needed I believe.


In ProjectSettings you can remove (I suggest rename) the AndroidResolverDependencies.xml then restart unity.
I takes time but you can see jdk working, so wait and it fixes any problem.