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java – Using OpenJ9 with CUDA & GPU-Exceptionshub

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I recently found out that there is a way, using OpenJ9 with CUDA, to exploit GPU performance. But right now I am still facing problems.
I do have the most recent Version of CUDA installed on my PC as well as the current version of OpenJ9.
In addition I used the things written on this page to set up my environment:

Unfortunately I am unable to perform any processing on my GPU even though all PATH-vars are set correctly I think.
Even though I switched on the logging process while running my programm the only feedback I received are these information:

[IBM GPU JIT]:  Dynamic linking error: Unable to locate NVML library nvml.dll
[IBM GPU JIT]:  Dynamic linking error: null pointer while loading shared library
[IBM GPU JIT]:  Device Number  0: name=GeForce GTX 1070, ComputeCapability=6.1

My program itself is quite simple, just using a Lambda in order to generate some workload to try out GPU-processing.

Maybe someone is/was facing a familiar problem and mastered it so he/she can provide some help.
Thank you!

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