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java – Where do I find proguard.cfg in my project?

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I want to enable the ProGuard for my application and in this documentation ProGuard it says that the proguard.cfg, where I have to modify something, is automatically generated. But if I look in my project folder I only see a proguard-project.txt file but I dont see the proguard.cfg which I need.

How can I get this proguard.cfg? Or was I’m doing wrong?

Please guid me to this file.

How to&Answers:

The documentation is slightly inaccurate. The generated file is proguard-project.txt and will be in the root directory of your project.

To enable Proguard, you will need to ignore the "do not modify" warning in project.properties and uncomment the following line:


The Android tool chain will sometimes make changes to project.properties, but your Proguard path will be preserved.


From this you can get your right way:

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