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JavaScript BETA Azure Function Exception

Posted by: admin November 1, 2017 Leave a comment


I created a new JavaScript timerTrigger. Ran it on version ~1 and it executed fine.

I switched the version to BETA and ran it again and got:

2017-10-26T14:17:55 Welcome, you are now connected to log-streaming service.
2017-10-26T14:17:57.938 Function started (Id=b196bcc3-c8ae-493e-84c7-9e037dba7141)
2017-10-26T14:17:58.565 Exception while executing function: Functions.Wrike. System.Private.CoreLib: One or more errors occurred. (Worker process with pid 7820 exited with code 1) (Worker process with pid 6964 exited with code 1) (Worker process with pid 6436 exited with code 1). Worker process with pid 7820 exited with code 1.
2017-10-26T14:17:58.907 Function completed (Failure, Id=b196bcc3-c8ae-493e-84c7-9e037dba7141, Duration=957ms)

This is my index.js:

module.exports = function (context, myTimer) {
    var timeStamp = new Date().toISOString();

        context.log('JavaScript is running late!');
    context.log('JavaScript timer trigger function ran!', timeStamp);   


A common issue in “beta” today is that your Node.js version ends up being incorrect. We’re working on a couple of improvements for this, including defaulting to 8.4.0 in case you haven’t set it and improving the error message when it doesn’t set incorrectly somehow.

Be sure you’ve set your Node.js version for Azure Functions in beta to be greater than 8.4.0. We generally try to keep testing the latest version of 8.x and will “GA” 2.0 on the 8.x LTS.