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Javascript Convert PHP Json into a javascript array

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So hi guys,

lets make this very clear. In php i used json_encode(…) and then got the value in javascript, looks as the following:

["float","float","float","float"]  // PS: This is a string...

And i would like to make this into a normal javascript array, like so:

Arr[0] // Will be float
Arr[1] // Will be float
Arr[2] // Will be float
Arr[3] // Will be float

And now I’m asking you, how is this possible?

Thank You

How to&Answers:

It sounds like you’re retrieving a JSON string in JavaScript (perhaps via AJAX?). If you need to make this into an actual array value, you’d probably want to use JSON.parse().

var retrievedJSON = '["float","float","float","float"]'; // normally from AJAX
var myArray = JSON.parse(retrievedJSON);

If you’re actually writing out a value into the page, rather than using AJAX, then you should be able to simply echo the output of json_encode directly, without quoting; JSON itself is valid JavaScript.

var myArray = <?php echo json_encode($myPhpArray); ?>;


var myArray = <?= json_encode($myPhpArray); ?>;

Pretty simple. 😉


  $myPhpArray = array('foo', 'bar', 'baz');
<script type="text/javascript">
  var myJsArray = <?= json_encode($myPhpArray); ?>;

Should output (view-source):

<script type="javascript">
  var myJsArray = ["foo","bar","baz"];



I reccomend using jquery. The php file should look as such …

$change = array('key1' => $var1, 'key2' => $var2, 'key3' => $var3);
echo json_encode($change);

Then the jquery script …

$.get("location.php", function(data){
var duce = jQuery.parseJSON(data);
var art1 = duce.key1;
var art2 = duce.key2;
var art3 = duce.key3;