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Javascript FileReader worked on first try, but not anymore (no line of code has been changed)

Posted by: admin August 19, 2018 Leave a comment


So I implemented a html input element to upload text files. Then I wanted to read the content of the text and save it to a string array. To do this (I’m using Angular 2) I imported the filereader npm package to use the readAsText function. Now when I tried it for the first time it worked! It printed to text, that was read from the file into the console.

Then I removed the console.log(line) function and since then I get the following error: “cannot read as File: {}”. I tried to readd the console.log(line) function, but I keep getting the same error. I logged the file variable before it is used by the filereader and has the information about the file. I also tried different files and also the clear the input (el.nativeElement.firstElementChild.value = null), but still the same error.


<input hidden="true" type="file" id="fileUpload" (change)="SendSurveyDataToBackend()" [attr.multipleFiles]="multipleFiles ? true : null">


    let inputEl = this.el.nativeElement.firstElementChild; 
    document.getElementById('csvUpload').style.color = "white";
    if (inputEl.files.length == 0 || inputEl.files.length > 1) {
        document.getElementById('csvUpload').style.color = "red";

    let file = null;
    file = inputEl.files[0];
    let FileReader = require('filereader');
    const reader = new FileReader();

    let surveyDataSetsAsStrings:string[] = [];        
    let surveyDataSets:SurveyData[] = [];

    reader.onload = (event) => {
        const file = event.target.result;
        const allLines = file.split(/\r\n|\n/);
        // Reading line by line
        allLines.map((line) => {

    reader.onerror = (evt) => {


    for(var i = 0; i < surveyDataSetsAsStrings.length; i++){
        surveyDataSets[i].Id = parseInt(surveyDataSetsAsStrings[i].substring(0,2));
        surveyDataSets[i].Date = new Date(surveyDataSetsAsStrings[i].substring(42,61));
        surveyDataSets[i].PlayerCode = (surveyDataSetsAsStrings[i].substring(63,73));            
    this.el.nativeElement.firstElementChild.files = null; 
    this.el.nativeElement.firstElementChild.value = null; 

    this.dataService.updateSurveyParticipants(surveyDataSets).subscribe( response => {
        if(response == 'success') // Http OK
        document.getElementById('csvUpload').style.color = "red";

Any ideas what might be causing this?