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javascript – how to append an existing form with select form fields using jQuery

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Given some html, a form named inputPrefixListIx and a button named addPrefixListIx

<div id="divinputPrefixListIx" name="divinputPrefixListIx">
    <form name="inputPrefixListIx" class="inputPrefixListIx">
        <div class="row">

                <div class="col-12">
                    <select name="spec" class="mdb-select md-form colorful-select dropdown-primary">
                        <option value="" disabled selected>spec</option>
                        <option value="replace" data-secondary-text="">replace</option>
                        <option value="delete" data-secondary-text="">delete</option>
                    <label class="mdb-main-label">spec</label>



    <div class="col-12">
        <button type="button" name="addPrefixListIx" id="addPrefixListIx" class="btn btn-block btn-flat"><i class="fas fa-plus"></i></button>


I would like to clone/duplicate the form when the user clicks on the addPrefixListIx button using jQuery I guess.

The jQuery used (and works partially) looks like this:

<script type="text/javascript" src="/static/js/blueprints.js"></script>

jQuery(($) => {

    // PrefixListIx
    $('#addPrefixListIx').click(function() {
    if (sessionStorage.getItem('PrefixListIx') !== null) {
    else {
    $('#delPrefixListIx').click(function() {


What doesn’t work is that the options of the select form fields do not appear.

Would you be so kind to advise what I am doing wrong and how to fix this ?

EDIT: I encountered this Clone isn't cloning select values which suggests a fix available here https://github.com/spencertipping/jquery.fix.clone but I don’t know how to use it given the provided example, can somebody please advise ?

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