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javascript – HttpListener cannot start process after receive Request [C#]

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im using system.net.httplistener to listen client requests, i start a process after receive request, the process do stuff and then return a response, using postman the process is started properly but wen i use XMLHttpRequest on javascript (with the same headers and body as the postman request) the process does not start. Using logfile the httplistener application reach the “p.Start();” line but does not start.
Do i need some specific header or body value? i think is about permissions but im not sure
Can you help me?

There is the Client Script code

function scan(path,foil) {

  var url = "http://localhost:1300/ServicioEscaner/"; //direccion a donde se realiza el request
    var method = "POST";    

    var shouldBeAsync = true; 
    var request = new XMLHttpRequest();  

    request.onreadystatechange = function () {
       if ( request.readyState ==  request.DONE) {
        if ( request.status === 200) {

    request.open(method, url, shouldBeAsync);

    request.setRequestHeader("Content-Type", "application/json;charset=UTF-8");

    request.send(JSON.stringify(    {

How to&Answers:

Did you tried adding [FromBody] attribute to method parameter?