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JMSTranslationbundle The format “yml” does not exist

Posted by: admin October 26, 2017 Leave a comment


I have used the JMSTranslationBundle before in different projects without any problem.

However this is my first Symfony3.4 project using the jms/translation-bundle: dev-master.

The configuration is as follows :

        dirs: ["%kernel.root_dir%", "%kernel.root_dir%/../src"]
        output_dir: "%kernel.root_dir%/Resources/translations"
        excluded_names: ["*TestCase.php", "*Test.php"]
        excluded_dirs: [cache, data, logs, translations]
        output-format: yml

Running php bin/console translation:extract --config=app en
works fine and creates the right translation files.
When I run the command again I get the following error :

The format "yml" does not exist.

Not to be mistaken with the “.yml~” doesn’t exist error that I’ve seen on here before.

I have no problem when I use the xliff format, I can extract the files multiple times and it will work as it’s supposed to.

Any help would be greatly appreciated I have been going through all of the configuration files from previous projects for hours and I’m unable to pinpoint the origin of the problem.