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jquery – PHP terminal emulator

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I want to program a “Terminal” emulator in php and jquery or ajax.

My intention it’s not to execute real terminal commands, I want to make commands like echo and retrieve me the results to an TextArea, or make commands like newuser and open me a jquery dialog or a webpage. Is there any way to do develop this thing?

The thing i want is a text area where i get the responses and a text input field where i put the commands. The function that needs to do is make a call to a php file where it manages the data input on the text field, compare and do some actions, like a simple echo or a dice rolling. I don’t want to manage the system. Thanks to all

How to&Answers:

There are several remote (ajax) shells, which emulate a shell and forward the commands to to the real shell on the server via HTTP(S):


You can check my jquery terminal emulator plugin


Check out the lithium php framework homepage: http://li3.me/

In the top left type help, and see what happens!

Check out the source for informations.


Not exactly what you were asking for, but there is a web terminal written in python+JS you may be interested in: http://antony.lesuisse.org/software/ajaxterm/