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Keep Uploaded Files in Sync Across Multiple Servers – PHP Linux

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I have a website right now that is currently utilizing 2 servers, a application server and a database server, however the load on the application server is increasing so we are going to add a second application server.

The problem I have is that the website has users upload files to the server. How do I get the uploaded files on both of the servers?

I do not want to store images directly in a database as our application is database intensive already.

Is there a way to sync the servers across each other or is there something else I can do?

Any help would be appreciated.


EDIT: I am adding the following links for people that helped me understand this question more:

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For all Reading this post NFS seems to be the better of the 2.

NFS will keep files in sync but you could also use ftp to upload the files across all servers as well but NFS looks like the way to go.

How to&Answers:

This is a question for serverfault.
Anyway I think you should definitely consider getting in the “cloud”.
Syncing uploads from one server to another is simply unreliable – you have no idea what kind of errors you can get and why you can get them. Also the syncing process will load both servers. For me the proper solution is going in the cloud.

Should you chose the syncing method you have a couple of solutions:

  1. Use rsync to sync the files you need between the servers.
  2. Use crontab to sync the files every X minutes/hours/days.
  3. Copy the files upon some event (user login etc)


I got this answer from server fault:

The most appropriate course of action in a situation like this is to break the file share into a separate service of its own. Don’t duplicate files if you have a network that can let the files be “everywhere (almost) at once.” You can do this through NFS/CIFS or through a proper storage protocol like iSCSI. Mount as local storage in the appropriate directory. Depending on the performance of your network and your storage needs, this could add a couple of undetectable milliseconds to page load time.

So using NFS to share server files would work OR

as stated by @kgb you could specify one single server to hold all uploaded files and have other servers pull from that (just make sure you run a cron or something to back up the file)


Most sites solve this problem by using a 3rd party designated file server like Amazon S3 for the user uploads.


Another answer could be to use a piece of software called BTSync, it is very easy to install and use and could allow you to easily keep files in sync accross as many servers as you need to. It takes only 3 terminal commands to install and is very efficient.

Take a look here

and here


You can use db server for storage… Not in the db i mean, have a web server running there too. It is not going to increase cpu load much, but is going to require a better channel.


you could do it with rsync.. people have suggested using nfs.. but that way you create one point of failure… if the nfs server goes down.. both your servers are screwed… correct me if im wrong