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keyboard done key action swift iOS doesn't work

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I’m new in stackoverflow, I have a problem with new swift code.
I have custom the return button on keyboard with “Done”, but when I tap on it, don’t befall anything… How can I hide the keyboard on tap it?
I have added a code (found on this site) for hide the keyboard when you tap somewhere ,not in the keyboard, but I can’t custom it with tap on “done” button… Thank you before!!


Yo need to implement delegate method which is called when you hit done button:

func textFieldShouldReturn(textField: UITextField!) -> Bool {  
    return true

You also need to conform to UITextFieldDelegate protocol:

class MyViewController: UIViewController,UITextFieldDelegate // I assume you override UIview controller class if not add UITextFieldDelegate to your class

The last thing is set up your class to be a text field delegate:

textField.delegate = self

textField.delegate = self

can be replaced by
enter image description here

This will create the necessary connections between your View, its component and will make the textFieldShouldReturn method work as expected.