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Laravel: Change base URL?

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When I use secure_url() or asset(), it links to my site’s domain without “www”, i.e. “example.com”.

How can I change it to link to “www.example.com”?


First change your application URL in the file config/app.php

'url' => 'http://www.example.com',

Then, make the URL generator use it. Add thoses lines of code to the file app/Providers/AppServiceProvider.php in the boot method:

// And this if you wanna handle https URL scheme
// It's not usefull for http://www.example.com, it's just to make it more independant from the constant value
if (str_contains(\Config::get('app.url'), 'https://')) {
    //use \URL:forceSchema('https') if you use laravel < 5.4

That’s all folks.


Laravel uses the current domain when generating the secure_url and url(). However you can setup your defult url in app.php under config folder.

| Application URL
| This URL is used by the console to properly generate URLs when using
| the Artisan command line tool. You should set this to the root of
| your application so that it is used when running Artisan tasks.
'url' => 'http://localhost',

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