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Laravel Eloquent find returning null

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I’m trying to retrieve a record from my database using Eloquents find method, however, it’s unexpectedly returning null. If I run the query manually on the database then it returns the expected record.

I’m using the following in Laravel:

$support = Support::find(02155);

And the following directly on the database:

SELECT * FROM support WHERE id = 02155;

The primary key column is named ‘id’ with type smallint(5), unsigned and zerofill along with auto increment set. I based the above ‘manual’ query on the Laravel documentation according to what Laravel should be executing.

There aren’t any errors reported (that I can see) and if I alter Eloquent method to ‘all’ then all of the records are correctly returned.


This is caused because numbers starting with 0 are considered an octal by PHP, as per: http://php.net/manual/en/language.types.integer.php

It seems that PHP converts the number to a decimal before executing the MySQL query which means the query is formed with an incorrect number.

For example:



'SELECT * FROM mytable WHERE id = 1133'

The Solution

I resolved this by typecasting the number to an integer using (int) before I used it with Eloquents find method. It will also work if you pass the number as a string (i.e. in quotes), like so: