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Laravel Lumen call artisan command from route

Posted by: admin November 30, 2017 Leave a comment


In Laravel, I can do this to call an Artisan command from a route:

Route::get('/foo', function () {
    $exitCode = Artisan::call('email:send', [
        'user' => 1, '--queue' => 'default'


But I can’t find an obvious way to do this in the Lumen framework. The error thrown is:

Fatal error: Class 'App\Http\Controllers\Artisan' not found

This was actually very simple. Just be sure to use the Artisan Facade class wherever needed:

use Illuminate\Support\Facades\Artisan;
public function process()

I assumed the normal Laravel facades weren’t available in the framework by default but they are.

Also, in bootstrap/app.php, $app->withFacades(); must be uncommented as @tptcat reminded me in the comments.


This is just an extension, maybe not the best way. But what if you just dont want to use the Facade way? Well you can do it via the Illuminate\Contracts\Console\Kernel.

// See what Artisan facade provides in `Illuminate\Support\Facades\Artisan`
// and thats: `Illuminate\Contracts\Console\Kernel`

Or create an alias for the Illuminate\Contracts\Console\Kernel:

// In your service provider or bootstrap/app.php create the alias
$this->app->alias('arti', 'Illuminate\Contracts\Console\Kernel');

// now the 'artisan' alias is available in the container