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linux – how do you run a php file from ssh?

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I’m using from ssh:

php filename.php

and works great, but when I do this:

php filename.php?id=2

I get a “could not open input file” error.

any ideas?

How to&Answers:

You can’t pass GET variables via the command line!! If you need to pass a variable to your script you can use php filename.php your_variable and use $argv and $argc in your PHP code.


PHP file’s that were written as a website will only be of limited use on CLI.

You could write a wrapper script, that prepares the superglobals and include‘s the webscript.

I recommend reading about the CLI interface to understand what it does.


The filename.php?id=2 syntax is only for web servers.

What you did was tell the shell to find a file named filename.php?id=2 and pass it to PHP, but that file doesn’t exist.


You need to pass your parameters as arguments instead and use $argv: