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list every date with date name in php or javascript

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is there a way to list every date and date name in php or javascript?

  1. jan 1 Wednesday
  2. jan 2 Thursday
  3. jan 3 Friday

etc etc, if someone can spread some light on if and how to do this i would appreciate it. thank you.

How to&Answers:

You can do this with DatePeriod.

$start = new DateTime('1/1'); // first day of the current year
$interval = new DateInterval('P1D'); // iterate 1 day at a time
$end = new DateTime('1/1 next year'); // stop when we get to first day of next year
// All of these periods are equivalent.
$period = new DatePeriod($start, $interval, $end);

// By iterating over the DatePeriod object, all of the
// recurring dates within that period are printed.
foreach ($period as $date) {
    echo $date->format('Y-m-d')."\n";

This will give you every day of the current year.


PHP Code:

$date = "2019-12-31";

do {
    $date = date("M d l", strtotime($date . "+ 1 day"));
    echo $date . "<br>" ;
}while(strtotime($date) != strtotime("2020-12-31"));


Jan 01 Wednesday
Jan 02 Thursday
Jan 03 Friday
Jan 04 Saturday
Dec 31 Thursday

This code starts at Jan 1st and prints out all dates in the format of Month Day Weekday and iterates through the whole year until December 31st.