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list – ListView with Alphabet on Android

Posted by: admin May 14, 2020 Leave a comment


I want to do a listview on android and it contains an alphabet near of the list (like iphone application).

I couldnt find any way to implement an list and having alphabets, when ı click on c letter list scrolling and start with the c Letter.


How to&Answers:

May be FastScroll fits to you?


You can get it by using Database,manage a table to store parsed data and then display data in listview by fetching it database table,
please refer the link for more about database in android


I tried to do the same and i ended up putting a list view and a textview into a frame layout and then using touch positions in conjunction with list.setslection() to focus…worked for me ! more here: Replication of Apple's Search in Android


I agree with Sergey Glotov, regarding Fastscroll, please take a look at sectionIndexer interface.
Maybe these links(eg1 and eg2) will help you.