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List of highly-regarded PHP style guides?

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I’ve recently been shaking up my coding habits and have been toying with various approaches to coding style… things like using a space between method call parentheses and the parameters they contain, how to deal with multi-line array definitions and method calls, etc.

I’m wary of creating my personal flavor of everything, though, and want to skim through some well-regarded “authoritative” style guides. Which ones should I look at? I’ve had a hard time finding much other than the Zend guide.


The PHP Standards Recommendations by the PHP Framework Interoperability Group are a good resource. AFAIK the standards are highly regarded. They attempt to be a collection and unification of what different frameworks have decided to use as their own standards.

I would say for basic PHP coding, especially PSR-1 and PSR-2 are well worth a read.

PSR-2′s purpose is to have a single style guide for PHP code that results in uniformly formatted shared code.

So far, there are four accepted standard recommendations:



I just use the PEAR coding standards.



This is really for Codeigniter, but it’s still PHP and an easy read and I like the styles used: