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macos – Copy-paste is not working in Android Studio on Mac

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I am facing a weird issue with Mac version of Android Studio (i.e., I am not able to copy ( + C) and paste ( + V) any text). I have no idea why it is behaving strange like this. My question may be silly, but I have been facing this issue since I started working from Windows to Mac. Any solutions and alternatives would be much helpful for me. I am completely stuck with this issue for the past two days.

How to&Answers:

There are several reasons why you could be experiencing this

  • You are using ClipMenu and Android studio doesn’t like it
  • Your keybinding is messed up.

To solve keybinding issue press File -> Settings and check what the keybindings are, you have maybe changed it or imported settings from somebody else. See the image as a reference.

Note: the filter of copy, you need to do this for paste too.

enter image description here

To fix the issue with ClipMenu.

  • Right click on “Application/IntelliJ IDEA 14.app”
  • choose “Show Package Contents”
  • edit bin/idea.properties
  • add this property ide.mac.useNativeClipboard=True
  • restart IntelliJ IDEA.

There is a YouTrack issue with further information


this worked for me

go to file menu and click on invalidate Caches/Restart ,after this confirm the dialog open .


Go to File-> Setting->Editor(Under IDE Settings)->Change value of maximum number of contents to keep in clipboard to 1(Under Limits section)


Check that your keymaps aren’t messed up. Go to Android Studio > Preferences > Keymap > Main Menu > Edit. If copy and paste are set correctly there, then it must be something else in your system that’s stopping it


I have this issue due to PopClip I have to disable it to get the keyboard shortcuts working.


I got this bug with my ClipMenu (on Mac) while set useNativeClipboard=true.

I solved the problem by using ClipMenu to paste file into Android Studio (show menu of ClipMenu, then select item)