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Making a Location object in Android with latitude and longitude values

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I have a program in which latitude and longitude values of a location are stored in a database, which I download.

I want to get the distance between these coordinates, and my current location.

The Location class has a simple method to find the distance between two Location objects, so I figured I’d make a Location object with the coordinates, then call the method.

Is there an easy way to do this? Also, if there’s another reliable, fairly simple equation that won’t clutter things too much, that would work too. Thanks.


How to&Answers:

Assuming that you already have a location object with you current location.

Location targetLocation = new Location("");//provider name is unnecessary
targetLocation.setLatitude(0.0d);//your coords of course

float distanceInMeters =  targetLocation.distanceTo(myLocation);


You may create locations using their constructor, then set the latutude and longitude values.

final Location location = new Location("yourprovidername");


I am answering this again, because lot of people like me do not know what "providername" actually is. Below code answers the question:

Location location = new Location(LocationManager.GPS_PROVIDER);

Here I am using LocationManager.GPS_PROVIDER as the provider name.