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Making Eclipse view different file extensions as PHP

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I have several file extensions, like .module, that I would like to be understood by Eclipse to be PHP – so I get the same syntax highlighting, code completion, etc features as I would if I were editing a .php file. How can I do this?

I went to Window >> Preferences >> General >> File Associations and added *.module to the file types list. When I click on *.module, it now says the associated editors are the PHP Editor and the Text editor.

However, when I open the *.module file to edit it, it gives me an error message:

Unsupported content type in editor. To
associate a file extension with a
supported content type, please see the
Content Types Preferences Page.

What am I doing wrong?

fixed: restarted Eclipse, and now it works.


Head to Window -> Preferences. Drill down to General -> Editors -> File Associations. From here you can add your extensions (e.g., *.module) and associate them with your preferred PHP editor.

Then restart Eclipse for the change to take effect.



window > preference > general > content types.
Expand ‘▷Text’ and you will find ‘PHP Content Type’. Select that.
Then click ‘Add’ and insert your own extension.


Something extra to be aware of.

I had the same problem, even after installing PDT. Turns out that there was an entry in General=>Content Types=>Text for *.php. Note that this not under General=>Content Types=>Text=>PHP Content Type, which is placed there by PDT. Removing the one under Text fixed the problem for me.