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Making java react to a spike in outgoing sound

Posted by: admin June 30, 2018 Leave a comment


I’m trying to beat a game made by my friend.
The game goes as follows:

A baby will spawn at a random location on my screen. i then have to move the mouse over it, and react,by clicking it, as soon as it starts to scream.

I have used the java.awt.Robot to manouver the mouse the the baby.

My problem now, is that i wan’t to click it whenever the sound spikes, by setting a threshold of some sort, but i cannot find a way to measure outgoing volume.

I have tried to utilize javax.sound.sampled.*, but that only lets me access the sound from the microphone.

Ideally there would be a fuction like LineOut.GetVolume(), but i doubt i am that lucky 😛

Any suggestions on how to access the outgoing volume in java, would be greatly appreciated 😀

Kind Regards Frederik