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More Ways to work with Type Information [on hold]

Posted by: admin September 25, 2018 Leave a comment


I would like to know if there are more ways to work with type information such as type of person, type of car, type of product, type of home, type of sale, type of computer …

I do not know correctly what the name is, because I searched for Data Type but it brought information from Integer, Boolean …

The kind I know are:


  • Create tables for each type, such as people_type, car_type, product_type …

  • Create a table to store all types.

Source code:

  • Create an array in the Model property where you would store the types.
    Ex: Person-> types, Car-> types …

  • Create a Model containing all types.
    Ex: AllTypes-> person, AllTypes-> car …

What other ways can I use to work with types?

My English is rusty.