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My link is weird [on hold]

Posted by: admin October 18, 2018 Leave a comment


When I edit my HTML page, I have this inside my code:

<a href="https:://www.google.fr" target="_blank">test external</a>

This is correct.

The php code associated with this element is:

    $page_menu_header .= $start_class . $separ . '<a href="' . $QPage->value('externallink') . '" target="' . $QPage->value('links_target') . '">' . $QPage->value('pages_title') . '</a>' . $end_class;

but when I click on the link, I have this URL:


this url correspond at an internal link function :

$page_menu_header .= $start_class . $separ . HTML::link(OSCOM::link($QPage->value('externallink')), $QPage->value('pages_title'), '" target="' . $QPage->value('links_target') . '"') . $end_class;

I don’t understand why I have on google.fr two different values, one correct inside the code, another when I click on the link.

Do you have any idea about this problem?